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1. Take no prisoners. We are looking for enemies, as we are the Drug!

2. Music is the Drug.

3. We are on a 24/7 Airstrike to Drop Gorilla Warfare like the Law of Nature.

4. Any Insult, Immorality, Deception! When you look at Music is the Drug and the Professional Rockstars NATION, don’t see something you hate, see the very thing you love the most. For that is what We will rip from you ! if you ever rise against US!

5. The Aftermath of Deceit to A Rockstar is Disconcerting. Just like Shaving, There are ripped hairs, gashed hairs, shattered hairs, and dangling hairs: the grease that had be peacefully congealing is sent flying all over the place, with dust and grit and insect particles that had been embedded in it flying all over the Place Alongside.

On the Razor or Electric blade there will be without a doubt 100,000 to half a million skin cell chunks that have been torn loose, and on the FacE leFt , unfortunately at a scale quite invisible to the naked eye – there are dangling stumps, craters and gashes, now filling up with Slowly welling blood from the fines — and again quite inVISIBLE Capillaries BElow. Any Questions?

6.   Rockstar is like yanking out a Sausage from a tight tunnel. Long Strong and ORgasmic mission. Trust me when finished! There’s no pull on this sweet sausage anymore

7. The Poison contained in Rockstar is so strong, when applied thickly, it doesn’t just kill bacteria grasping to your hairs, doesn’t just kill the ones lying on the skin surface below, but soaks into the skin like the first WORLD WAR CHlORINE GAS to HUNT out and get GREAt NUMbers of the MEEKest, NON-ammnonia producing bacteria hiding deep down in you!

8. AS A Certain Result, ROckstar Populations from elsewhere in the NATION migrate up and TAKEover,

10.  WhatEVER the COLor it doesN’t REALly matter to the ROckSTAR the fertilize the one NAtion, As he sees things differently from us. In particular he can SeE ultraviolet color marking on ALL in All everything which are INvisiBLE 2 US.

11.  A ROcksTAR’s of a Rose SEx Organ FAces even more & More Dangers out and about in the gARden, where falling branches, Large jawed beetles, descending spiders, and other unpleasantness for the reproductive organ are around. Your Solution? Is to hide him and that is what the Rose petals are for.

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