Their is No Security on Earth, Only Opportunity! Posted on November 21, 2015, by
Their is never a rainy day, that is not beautiful. The ideals put behind nature are in being, perfect, due only to the law of nature. The cause and effect of the before & after, is our being ,for the seeing within all in all.
When we see a storm, hurricane, that is in flight. The ferocious wind is magnificent, this is your light reflection from within your being of true ideals.
The perfect ideal of a human within belief, is non-human being. This is why we run to the Movies to be one, with Marvel Comic Superheroes . This is also why we look for our culture idols to become the next, Superman, Batman, X-man, Richie Rich, 007, or whoever & whatever, is your dream of within human reality, of our human being, desired wanted truth.
The total opposite, is the imperfect, its you within saying, “We are human being , defined as normal, weak, sinner, immoral, inner peace is not a rational reality.” The belief of the word defining of, “Can’t”, will never be, too see, period? The deliberate practice of textbooks, grade schools, colleges, medial outlets, social media, religion, pushing the deliberate practice of all imperfect will be never perfect, as is written, is final.
If you read both paragraphs above,  the parable of ideals, the appeal of sense or non-sense , is a sense of denying thyself the truth. The truth has no title,  the truth is not a human being, the truth will never be imperfect. Holding back the truth, to protect others, takes away from not anyones soul, but thyself.
The more ingrained, of the imperfect. within deliberate practice , is the normal creation, within thyself of the imperfect desire, to escape. As like attract like, imperfect attracts imperfect. This cause and effect is what generate this and only this frequency in light or dark.
All in all, within our earth is frequencies, vibrations, tunnel vision found within you, deeper in sound, then are heart beating, louder than our silence cieling & even faster than the movement of air bleeding, the frequencies within you are a patterns of eternity of endless created shapes, and holds no fear of any ability of movement.. The only opportunity, is within your indispensable truth, perfect ideals to increase or decrease your frequency within thyself? In Him we live and move and being. Your opportunity within is seeing always, the truth will set you free and all lies within honesty will never be made for like attraction..
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