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Corey Biggs – I Get Lifted “Rockstar Mix” {MOVE U BABE RECORDS} Posted on October 18, 2015, by
  RELEASE MOVEUBABE ADE 2015 SAMPLER ARTISTS Bulaklak, Lutzenkirchen, Killed Kassette, Ian Meyer, Darelectric, Corey Biggs, Loui Fernandez, Wurtz, Paul Jove, Ektor Eros, Less Hate, Valentina Black, 7th Star, Stephan Bobinger,Masse, Stefan Weise, Luke Garcia, Pedro Leon, Search DiP, Soundskin, Bearman, Soukervalii,Sound Allegiance RELEASE DATE 2015-10-01 LABELS Moveubabe Records CATALOG...
Corey Biggs – Making Music Murder – SUB652 Posted on September 30, 2015, by
Click Here 2 Purchase? Description: welcome in the family to a new artist and bro, this is his first ep with us, we’re very happy to present to you his release, he’s a great artist, a great talent, he’s big, his music is a journey to 360 degrees in the...
SCOTT MASON – PARIS 94 – MUSIC IS THE DRUG Posted on September 13, 2015, by
DESCRIPTION:: Scott Mason, straight out of the United Kingdom, makes his single debut on Music Is The Drug with, Paris 94, including remixes from RockStar & Cross Beat. Enjoy! • Discog Link – • Website: Http:// • SoundCloud– • Beatport • Twitter –
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