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Music is the Drug is the Bee Swarm that gets that Dance House Warm 24/7. This is Heaven & Hell with a Minor Flu. Join the Music Cartel, I thought you knew.

I solve problems people have not predicted, see things people haven’t seen and connect people who need to be connected.

“Music is the drug radio with “Corey Biggs” affects people intimately, person to person, offering a world of unspoken communication between music-speaker and the listener. A private experience.”

Corey Tronchin is the New York version of Marvin the Martian…hell bent on taking over the universe. An infuriating and impossible journey he knows, but he will “NEVER” run the risk of being bored and he loves it that way. Corey built Music Is The Drug & Professional Rockstars Group to attract and surround himself with like-minded individuals; those that love great electronic dance music, killer music insight and have managed to scrape past their early 20′s with enough brain cells intact to hold a conversation.

Don’t mistake him for being “SaNe” however, clearly the bedlam set in years ago, possibly before he was born.Corey addicted to many things: Music, strategyWriting,Reading, the art of verbal abuse & war and people that are alive inside & outside.

After years on Wall Street, while being a college student @ C.W. Post Long Island University, he had seen his fill of the zombie hordes with Fixed mindsets focused on “Greed”.

Don’t get him wrong, he loves money, but he knows there are better paths to acquire wealth and a life worth living, better than good!

It was 2003 when Corey made his entrance into the music world, curating events for artist names such as, Dj Clue, Erik Sermon, Redman and Gza of Wu-tang through his C. Bigz Entertainment.

.It was around 2006m that Corey started Professional Rockstars, the Video/Social media Network, remixing, editing and producing his own music/videos/documentaries under the name “Corey Biggs”. That is what eventually led him to creating his radio show “Music Is The Drug with Corey Biggs”, in 2012 and why you are here, reading this right now.

Note from Coreys AlTer EGo – I am one of a kind savant inventor that creates organized Chaos in the Professional Rockstars World. I seek Music, Knowledge in ALL IN ALL , Authentic Abundance and Quality over quantity. I “Achieve” in the “Being” of as a person, being Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Happy & Harmonious 4ever!

I love my work and alliances we create in being “ROCKSTAR”.

I never stand for intent in deception, greed or sleaze and deal with it as a attack on my family.I live in “Void” knowing, the unseen is the same as seen, and those who walk the thin line are in understanding of the art of control.

In the end of day, i would rather fail over and over to find the inner exact righat way. I have no “fear”, so don’t bother with the alimony check or threat verbally and/or physically, not interested.

To all or none at all,  I am Music is the Drug, Professional Rockstars and Corey J. Tronchin and all in all leading to “Mastery” is conceiving to achieve. Our product value = Music is the Drug = being Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Happy & Harmonious 4ever! .

In the End, there is no choosing sides, Music is the Drug, the only drug and will always be the Drug. You either becoming BEING with US or AGainst us. As we can all agree, Patience is Virtue or lets just say Guaranteed Authentic WARRIOR Success is the Best!

our history

March 12, 35,00 BC
And God said “Let Man Create Music” and it was the drug…
October 18, 1877
Enter Edison and the first Wave of Recorded Music. And The Drug Began to Spin.
November 16, 2012
And it Played and Played till the Doomsday Bells.
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